The Girlfriend Gun Party™ is an empowering get together for women of all ages! Have fun, unwind, and learn the basic of gun safety and firearms.


Who Should Attend a Girlfriend Gun Party?

  1. Women 16- 90!

  2. Women who are ready to get over their fear of handguns and see what all the fuss is about.

  3. Women whose only experience was being handed a gun and told, “just point in that direction and pull the trigger”.

  4. Women who have had bad firearms training that left them scared or uncertain about using a gun.

  5. Women who haven’t handled a gun in a while and want a refresher course.

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6. Women who don’t feel comfortable going to the range by themselves.

7. Women who don’t know how to tell if a gun is cleared (unloaded) or how to clear a jam safely.

8. Women who are looking to do something fun with their friends.

9. Women who learn better when they are in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere with their friends.

Girlfriend Gun Parties are $40 per guest with a minimum of 4 guests.

We can have the party at your house or we can provide a location. Just let us know.

Contact us with the date and time that you’d like to have your party and we will help you let your friends know and handle everything!

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What Should You Know Before Attending a Girlfriend Gun Party?

  1. You will have fun! You’ll also have a hands-on experience in a safe and comfortable location while learning the importance of firearm safety, different types of guns to consider, and what you need to know before you go to the range.

  2. Everything is provided. Just bring yourself and your phone to take some great photos. Please do not bring ammo or your own handgun.

  3. We will not be shooting guns (we will be in a person’s home after all!), but you will be handling guns, so you can get familiar with different styles and how they feel holding them.

4. We do everything to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable. All firearms are cleared (shown without ammo) by the instructor prior to the training. The hostess will also confirm that all guns are cleared and all students are shown that the guns are cleared before we start.

5. This is a safe zone! No question is dumb, no one will make fun of you, no one will laugh at you. If you are uncomfortable holding a ‘real gun’, we have blue guns for you to use. A blue gun is a molded piece of solid plastic that looks like a gun. It has no moving parts and cannot be fired.

6.No drinking alcohol before or during the training. While we will not be shooting at the training, this is still training and firearms and alcohol do NOT mix. Once the guns are packed away, your hostess and you and more than welcome to imbibe.

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What is learned at a Girlfriend Gun Party?

  1. Gun safety. We go over the rules of gun safety (do you know them?) and discuss how to ensure a handgun is unloaded and safe.

  2. Review different types of handguns. While we don’t dive deep into the mechanics of the guns (after all we only have 2 hours), we do discuss what things are called and their functions.

  3. How to properly hold/grip a gun. How to rack a slide on a semi-automatic handgun, something many women have trouble with and have been taught the ‘traditional’ way that doesn’t necessarily work for them.

  4. How to properly stand when shooting so you don’t rock back or lose your footing.

  5. Eye dominance – which eye you would use to focus when shooting. What to do if you are cross-eyed dominant (your preferred shooting hand is different than your eye dominance).

5. Sight Picture and Sight Alignment – what they are and how this impacts your shooting skills.

6. Laser target shooting competition. Take everything you’ve learned and have some serious fun practicing your skills with a laser gun and target. Get some awesome pictures too!

7. Concealed carry wear you won’t find in local stores! Explore your options should you decide to pursue your concealed carry handgun permit.

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